Pioneer Association of the State of Washington
Pioneer Association Members & Friends,
Tuesday June 7, 1910, at 10 a.m.
The Pioneer Association of the State of Washington is fortunate to have a complete record of the activities surrounding the dedication of Washington Pioneer Hall 110 years ago.  Thomas W. Prosch, president of the Association in 1910 compiled and the Association published Transactions of the Washington Pioneer Association for the years 1905 to 1910 -
We are pleased to present some excerpts from the record of the historic day.
While the following statement was listed later in the record, it gives us some insight into the pleasure that the members of the Association felt upon finally being able to meet in their own building.
The PRESIDENT: This house, standing upon our own land; erected in accordance with approved plans; being paid for and without incumbrance of any kind; being marked with our name and in our possession at this time; being certified to us by the superintendent as well and honestly constructed; being formally transferred in your presence to our Association by the contractor and builder; and being accepted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees; is now by me declared to be dedicated to the uses and purposes of the Pioneers of the State of Washington forever.
Thus, Washington Pioneer Hall was dedicated 7 June 1910, and the first meeting was held, 110 years ago!
With gratitude to our ancestors for leaving us this legacy,
Pioneer Board