Pioneer Association of the State of Washington

A letter from Germany

Members and Friends,
An email was recently received from Michael Zacherle in Germany. He has been researching a relative for the past dozen years or so and has provided a biography of a possible Washington pioneer. I found it quite interesting to read and thought that we, especially members and friends in Omak and surrounding area, could be of assistance to him. Here is the link to the biography and his email is copied below. 
Dear Sirs,
about a dozen years ago, I was able to visit the Okanogan County Historical Museum. Two lovely ladies helped me find information about John B. Zacherle, a relative that immigrated from Germany into the US in 1884. They directed me to the „Okanogan Rendezvous“, where I found a small article about him. This article was the first information I was able to find about him! Ever since, I have been trying to find out where John B. Zacherle was born, but was unable to find this information. As I live in Germany (I am German), it's not easy for me to get relevant information as long as it isn't accessible on the internet. However, I found some other interesting documents, and so I decided to write a short biography about him.
Please find enclosed this biography as a PDF document. I hope that you find this document interesting! I would be happy if you could maybe print the document and put it into your archival holdings. Please feel free to use this material in any way you like.
I'm looking forward to your suggestions or remarks!
Kind regards,
Michael Zacherle
Dipl.-Phys. Michael Zacherle    
Epernayer Straße 18                      Tel: +49 7243 767379
76275 Ettlingen                               +49 179 5917627
Please let us know if you were able to help him.
Curtis Hoffman