Pioneer Association of the State of Washington

Who we Are and What we Do

We are followers of Washington State Pioneers devoted to preserving their legacy in the form of a museum of artifacts and genealogical records.
Our objectives are:
Promotion of historical, literary, and social intercourse among its members; and, to record and publish such facts with brief biographical sketches of pioneers for the information of future generations.*
       *Excerpts from the Agreement of Intention to form a corporation, dated 28-August 1895
Today, we maintain Pioneer Hall and the collections within. We need help in documenting the lives of early residents. Contact the Historian for information.

Operating Year: May 2020 - April 2021

Board Member (Term ends 2021): Carolyn Kiser
Board Member (Term ends 2021): David Brazier
Board Member (Term ends 2021): Regina Cornish
Board Member (Term ends 2022): Vacant
Board Member (Term ends 2022): Randy Sleight
Board Member (Term ends 2022): Sally Irvine
Board Member (Term ends 2023): David Ballaine
Board Member (Term ends 2023): Alan Murray
Board Member (Term Ends 2023): Liz Blaszczak
Emeritus Board Member: Junius Rochester
President: Steven Ellersick
VP- Programs: Saundra Selle
VP - Membership: Adrienne Z. Milligan
Secretary: Jeff Rodgers
Treasurer: Curtis Hoffman
Historian: Gary Zimmerman
Newsletter Editor: Kate Miller-Russell
Past President: Vacant
Facebook Administrator: Adrienne Z. Milligan
ENS Webmaster: Curtis Hoffman

Pioneer Hall & Meeting Info

We invite you to visit Pioneer Hall at no charge during any Open House -- please see the Events Page for details. Special tours are available upon request and staff availability.
Pioneer Hall is located on King County Metro Route #11.  From downtown Seattle, travel 30 minutes over Capitol Hill, then down to the waterfront at Madison Park.  The bus stop on 43rd Avenue at Blaine Street is just a few feet from our front door.
The Annual Membership meeting and salmon bake is held in June, while General Membership meetings occur in March and October, all at Pioneer Hall. Kindly view the Events Page for details.