Pioneer Association of the State of Washington
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This section contains data about the Pioneer Association's "Artifact, Plaque, Shadowbox" and "Images" collections.  In the future, we'd like to add our repository of books. This page is currently under construction.  Check back often to watch the progress!
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Membership Applications <1924
Artifact, Plaque, Shadowbox
Books (coming later)
Artifacts & Images
This is a searchable index of over 480 items held by the Pioneer Association. The "description" field contains details recorded during a 2012 inventory. The "accession number" refers to the inventory date or the year of acquisition (if known).  Incorrect spellings likely were copied from the item.  If a link is provided in this summary, the item may be found on the "Gallery Page" of this website. 
This is a work in progress --- Please notify us of any errors via